We Dare You to Come up With Better Places to Spend Some Quality Time with Your Kids

We Dare You to Come up With Better Places to Spend Some Quality Time with Your Kids

Listen up parents, Your kids are back to school and…

Listen up parents, Your kids are back to school and they must be bored of going to the club every weekend.

Take them to some fun activities around the city and give them some memorable experience.

MyBlabber's guide would help you decide. so you'd better save this somewhere safe.

1. The Lego Mania

Location: Patio Compound, 5th Settelement.

The First LEGO Themed play area in EGYPT! Lego Mania is a safe fun place for kids from 2-12 years. It offers a 280 M2 area full of different activities designed specifically to discover the talents of your kids. It allows them to have fun while playing and exploring new things.

2. Billy Beez

Location: Mall of Arabia and Point 90.

Billy Beez is a huge indoor playgrounds that have lots of different games for kids of ages ranging between 3 and 12.

3. Fagnoon Arts and Crafts

Location: Sakkara Road, Giza.

Fagnoon, An Egyptian experience, Arts Center & Workshops is a favorite destination and a therapeutic layout for everyone. Activities such as color war, mud baths and water fights.

4. Ski Egypt

Location: Mall of Egypt.

Ski Egypt is the ultimate, enriching social experience, for all ages. Their various activties include meeting penguins, bobsleding, snowboarding, skisloping, tube running, zorb balling and riding the polar express train.

5. Family Park

Location: New Cairo.

A marvelous park with astonishing activities for all ages. If you are looking for an open area park for relaxation and fun, you have got the right place.

6. Magic Planet Egypt

Locations: Mall of Egypt, Cairo Festival City and City Center Maadi.

Magic Planet offers your kids more than your average gaming experience, with one of the greatest selections of video and arcade games to be found anywhere.

7. Gravity Code

Location: Point 90


Gravity Code is Egypt’s First Indoor Trampoline Park. A safe, friendly, and fun environment for people of all ages, genders, and athletic abilities to enjoy trampoline based sports. Games include Free Jump, Slam Dunk, Dodge Ball, Cage Ball, Performance Wall, and Big Air Bag.

8. Fun Kingdom

Location: Sun City Mall

Fun Kingdom is the place where you can bring your kids for a whole new experience of fun. It includes high tech indoor arcade zone with a large combination of featured games and rides for all ages.

9. Aerodium

Location: Cairo Festival City.

Aerodium would make your kids dream of flying come true.

10. Kidzania Cairo

Location: Cairo Festival City

KidZania Cairo selectively builds relationships with Kid-friendly brands providing high impact, year-long recognition, to a variety of programmes offering tailored-made edutainment messages.


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